random thoughts during a bit of a drought

Been experiencing a bit of a creative drought here lately. What to write, what to write. I mull it over and fret about and rack my brain just trying to come up with something thoughtful, something witty, something, anything. It happens I guess and I imagine I’m not the first or the only one frustrated with stalled creativity. Perhaps a little random thinking while I sit here in the jury pool room might stir me up a little.

  • Hard to believe that it is Fall today when it is 100°+ here in the Central Valley.
  • Nothing is coming to mind because I am letting myself be distracted by random conversations. No one has come  up with any solutions for crime or health care coverage for all…:::sigh:::
  • Can I just say that hot flashes suck? They really, really do. No, I am not having a heart attack. No, I am not dying. I’m having a hot flash. Now please leave me alone in my hot and sweaty misery.
  • Speaking of menopause…sorry guys…how long do I have to put up with this really? How long before I am officially done I wonder since I haven’t had a period in months?
  • Did I say too much? I’m sorry.
  • You know that song “How Do You Mend A Broken Heart”? Why isn’t there an answer to that question?
  • No, my heart is not broken but I do wish I knew the answer to that question. If I did I could literally rule the world….muhahahaha!
  • You know that you have a true friend when they bring you home-made chicken soup with home-made noodles to cheer you out of the funk you are in. My neighbor, Kelly, is that kind of friend.
  • In ten days I will be running my second 5K race. Yes I am still running with intent to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon a.k.a. the Tiarathon.
  • Becoming a shredhead and running again has been the best thing for me working my way out of depression this year and no this is not just the anti-depressants talking.
  • I’m still struggling through it all but at least I am getting up out of bed, getting dressed and doing something.
  • The act of just getting out of bed and getting dressed everyday was a lot harder than it might seem nine months ago.
  • I miss working on my scrapbooks. The huge back log of photos I have reminds me that I need to work on these but I just can’t seem to get past that fact.
  • Back to the Shredheads: Did you know that Jillian Michaels just discovered us? Check out this link (click on video). She’s even following us on Twitter. The shredhead movement is a force to be reckoned with and we do reap results.
  • It amuses me that my suburbanite family is so into “farming” on Farmville on Facebook. No, I don’t “farm” or any of those other things on Facebook but I am on Facebook. I’ll be your friend but I don’t farm, yoville, play mafia wars or any other time wasting time consuming activities because I have enough to help me waste my time keep me busy when online.
  • It disappoints me to hear that some of the old stigmas attached to adoption are still alive and well…overhearing a random conversation here in the jury room.
  • Daniel has asked a few times in recent months about where he came from if he didn’t grow in my tummy like Hazel grew in Holly’s. But I don’t think he quite got it. I guess talking to your child about his adoption is a lot like talking to your kids about sex. I believe in open, honest and simple. If the answers given aren’t enough they’ll ask more questions.
  • My name has just been called and it looks like I will be hanging out at the Superior Court until the end of the trial I am on the jury for.

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I agree that sometimes bedtime can wait.

She put her tree up! But I have to say the Christmas card photo that she got is spectacular.

My friend is thinking of leaving the Bay Area here in Cali and is considering other locales. Any ideas?

Lots of Motrin Moms responses. Me, I prefer naprosyn.

Oz, the Great and Powerful hath spoken and spoken well.

Oh God, this was my life with the first one. Hang in there, Christine! You all will survive.

Look kids! I’m not the only one who had children to get out of doing housework.


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At Last! The mystery of the ages has been solved.

A biblical parable playing out in 2008.

It’s National Adoption Day!

In my neck of the woods there are galleries that display extraordinary portraits of children waiting for their home, their families. These are often children that are typically passed over by families considering adoption because they are older or disabled; “unadoptable” children is what our son’s social worker called children like these. Regardless of age or ability, these children NEED FAMILIES! The galleries also display beautiful family portraits of families and children who have found their “happily ever after”. Check out The Heart Gallery of Sacramento and The Bay Area Heart Gallery. Oh, and for the good, righteous, hetero, MARRIED people of the state of Arkansas who voted to change adoption laws in their state in order to protect the children againsta a perceived agenda  here’s your chance to walk your talk and meet the needs of the children in your state who desperately are waiting for a home, Heart Gallery of Arkansas. More than ever, these children need families!

What not to yell over an intercom.

Of course I know what they say about full moons…I catch babies. Good luck Fat Doctor, family and baby mama!

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It’s flu shot season and he got one. Did you get one?

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It’s nice to know that someone came into a little money!

Thank goodness my favorite overall-clad hippie is back! I missed him so much.

Thank you, Lotus, for this reminder.

Surely we could use another cute kitten picture…and maybe a little story about the cute kitten.

And if that isn’t enough, there is yet another cute kitten!

Honestly, I felt the same way when I changed the calendar.

It’s been a joyful week over at the 5 x 5 project. Krysta is also looking for more participants in upcoming 5 x 5 projects too.

Thank goodness none of my children ever did this! But the sweet little boy who lived next door to us on Amelia Drive in San Jose did this ALL-THE-FREAKING-TIME and since he was best friends with my daughter, Abby, at the time and was always at our house, I feel your pain.

Oh, and if you haven’t clicked over to this gorgeous lady’s blog then do it now. Don’t do it because I want to win the Sephora gift card. Do it because she takes the most amazing, gorgeous pictures.

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Love this! Yes, I met her too at CPR San Jose. She’s not only cool because she takes amazing photos but because she is a girl from Pittsburgh too.

“They’re hurting our family. Why would anybody want to do that?”

Well at least I know now that she doesn’t keep her room like a pigsty just to piss me off. It’s because of some sweet Mormon lady who tried to indoctrinate her. She’s the one I should blame.

Maybe it’s just me, but I fail to grasp how anyone in a “traditional” marriage is personally threatened by gays marrying. We have enough struggles in maintaining healthy, strong marriages as it is. If marriage really needs “protection,” make it harder for anyone to get married in the first place.

The message is this: You do not have to change your beliefs. You do not have to budge an inch on your views. You are still free to hate black people, still free to fear gay people (or demean women) all you like. It’s simply that we as an Obama-led, gender-inclusive nation no longer have any real use for your brand of poison. We are done with you. Whoooaaaa! That IS a magnificent jolt of progress!

::::Sigh::::Sometimes I look at my girls and I think, “how dare they grow up!” You have my sympathy, Disco Mommy.

Even the kids sometimes think they are growing up too fast. I know she feels that way.

Okay I am officially jealous. The only email I ever received from someone who found my blog from a Google search was someone interested in my tramp-stamp. This is me waving “hi” to Jon Madof!

Who started this strange bit of slang usage that equates the birth canal with frailty?” ::::shrugs::: Beats me!

This is a final request of mine and yes, it prompts the expected “Eeewwww!!!!” from my circus clowns.

I have been reminded of the power in being grateful, and how it just can turn things around.” Personally, I think that we need more gratitude much, much more than we need more cowbell.

Welcome to grandparent-hood!

and another happy addition for another family…congratulations!

And because you asked…actually I was going to share…here is Hazel-Kitty!