have juice box will travel

Another weekend off, another dance competition. It feels like we practically just back from one. Oh wait, we did. Hopefully Jodie will perform as well at this one as she did the last time. More importantly, I hope that she has fun like she always does. Really that is why I so willingly participate in this competitive dancing madness…it is so much fun for her.

As for me, because I can only take so much glitter, rhinestones, dance moms dressed like cougars and dance numbers choreographed to “Single Lady” or “Just Dance”, I’m bringing my own personal juice box. You know that saying you can take the girl out of the trailer park….um, yeah, that’s me sometimes.

Nevertheless, good luck Jodie and all her fellow Dance Stars! Love ya!

wisdom teeth extractions, dance recitals and family reunions…oh my!

Add a little bit of Father’s Day and working all weekend and it spells out that Laura is just juggling way too much this weekend to blog.
Bill got his wisdom teeth out Friday.
Jodie has a dance recital today along with the expected recital pictures yesterday and dress rehearsals.
Bill’s extended family has arrived here in the Central Valley (Tracy) for a three-day family reunion.
I’m working this weekend as well. At least I haven’t started night shift (7 pm- 7am) yet.
That’s right the fun just never ends around here under the Big Top.
I’m thinking I will need a BIG-ass margarita come Sunday night after work. Maybe I will just “borrow” some of Bill’s vicodin instead.

Blog with you later.