I completed the Big Top’s 2010 Census form and mailed it off. Have you? Well, I actually I answered most of the questions.

There has been much in the news over the census form and the race question but there has been little mention of the question about the children living in a household and how they are related to you. I guess it just isn’t news for the mainstream. But here under the Big Top and in other homes across the country (like this one) it is a big deal. Over at ModMoms Club and Central Valley Moms, I am talking about just that question and why it irritates me so much.

So did you fill out your census form?

now who changes the diapers around here?

As Hazel grows, I am amused with how she imitates her mama, her grandparents. She flatters us. Her latest imitation?

…the butt-sniffing-checking-diaper action

“What? You think I should change my baby’s diaper?”

Over at ModMoms Club today I am talking (in a round-about way) the idea of who should be the one to change the diapers and all the other child-rearing activities that come with it. Oh, and a little bit about Jon Gosselin because he needs to stay in the public eye even if he protests that he didn’t sign on for that.

re-discovering the laws of gravity

Gravity is indeed one of the laws of nature that no one is immune to. For those of us who are afraid of heights it is a good thing that gravity works. I’m glad that it is there. I’m truly thankful for it. But I have to admit that I don’t necessarily care for the more personal physical reminders that gravity works. It happens. I know that. I accept it. I just don’t like to be reminded of it…especially while sharing a sweet tender moment with my little boy. You can read more about that tender moment when Daniel pointed out to me that gravity does indeed work over at ModMomsClub.

As for us, we are looking forward to gravity-defying amazing feats at Ringling Brother’s Zing Zang Zoom tonight thanks to MomCentral. It’s not too late, Northern California families, to take advantage of this great family fun offer.