and even though I know how very far apart we are

There is really nothing like a lazy Saturday afternoon waning into evening and the dinner hour.

Simply the best.

But even better…

Jodie soon sent me a snap from Arizona.

Miles and miles separate us and yet moments like this help to know we are together, watching The Notebook underneath the same great big sky.

Are you hearing Linda Rondstadt and James Ingram now? You should be. I know I am. Don’t worry, I’m a giver. Here you go.

I miss that girl of mine.

It’s great that they grow up and go on to make great adventures all their very own but I still miss them. Another one will soon be moving – and ocean away no less – and while I am proud and excited and worried (because I am a mom and it is my job to worry dammit) I am at this moment not looking forward to the end of September, when she will really be an ocean away. At least we shall have lazy days binge watching at the same time on lazy Saturday afternoons favorite movies and television series and snapchat to share those moments together underneath the same big sky.

much LeFou about nothing and something

For my birthday, my darling daughter, Zoë, treated me to Beauty and the Beast; which, Evermore, remains a tale as old as time. And, as we both anticipated, it was as wonderful as we both imagined it would be. Much more, in spite of the supposed gay agenda being forced upon us as some might want us to believe.

Blink and you’ll miss the subtle moments.

Man, if I was This Modest Mom’s kids, I would be crazy pissed that mommy and daddy canceled our promised Disney World Vacation because LeFou is exploring his feelings and it’s not in Jesus’ name…amen! What a big, fat nontroversy. Really.

Kids, go see this movie. Go see it for the lush music and lyrics that is Ashman and Menken that you grew up with watching and re-watching and singing along to as a child…or as the parents of children who drove you crazy demanding to play it over an over and over again on the VCR. It’s a movie, folks. A love story. A fable. A tale as old as time.


in Dan’s real life

This week in Daniel’s (don’t call me Dan) real life, he discovers “the BEST movie trilogy ever, Mom.” Back to the Future. His personal irritation aside that October 21, 2015 brought some disappointing inaccuracies…C’mon, Mom! Hover boards. They don’t hover.” …Daniel is loving watching and re-watching the Back to the Future trilogy. Next up might possibly be this little film called Beetlejuice. Oh, and he really, really wants a DeLorean when he is old enough to drive. That can’t be too difficult what with only 6,000 remaining.

Oh Daniel!

This week in Daniel’s life, he made it crystal clear that the only one who loves his long, curly hair is his mother…oh, and his stylist, Raquel, who really did not want to cut it all off. But like any excellent stylist, her goal is to make her people sitting in her chair happy.

This makes Daniel very happy. Handsome too. Just in time for his very first Tae Kwon Do tournament.

So nervous was he. But in the end he did well.

Current status in real life: relieved and pleased.

In other news, it will be back to school to EIGHTH GRADE in THREE AND A HALF WEEKS!!! 


for what will be a day long remembered

A long, long time ago, in galaxies far, far away in 1977, a boy and a girl saw Star Wars. No, not together. But they did see Star Wars and yes, it proved to be a pretty big deal for both of those young teens living in California and Pennsylvania. There truly was something magical about this tale that was so much like Flash Gordon and Akira Kurosawa mixed with some science fiction novels, comic books, The Wizard of Oz all sewn up perfectly with a little bit of Joseph Campbell’s ideas on the structure of the myth. It’s not likely that those two young teens really understood the underlying themes the first time they saw Star Wars that 1977 summer but they, like many other movie-goers, were caught up in the swash buckling magic of this space soap opera.

And now 38 years later…


that boy and that girl and their one child who truly loves Star Wars as much as they do spend a Sunday afternoon together in what will become another day long remembered.

The Force is strong with this one.

can’t apologize, won’t apologize

Have you ever found yourself in a movie theater, watching a film and wondering where is the plot, where is the dialogue and then….

Channing Tatum stops talking and starts dancing..

Matt Bomer takes me to “Heaven”…

Tw!tch is dancing all over the place…

Adam Rodriguez is serving up something good…

Even Jada Pinkett-Smith’s ass is oh so fine…which blows out of the water certain “feminist” males attitudes about women of a certain age.

And Joe Manganiello definitely makes it clear what way he wants it.

And I forget that there is no real, workable plot with any kind of mentally stimulating dialogue whatsoever.

Because the visual effects seemed to be enough…more than enough.

Not sorry.

Not sorry at all.