same song, same theme, three years later

Three years ago, Jodie was placed in charge of the class of 2014 Senior awards and class favorites assembly before their commencement. Because it was almost as big of a deal as the commencement, she put her all into it to make it the most memorable and best ever. Clearly it was training ground for planning future events, her upcoming internship and her major. The theme of the event and music chosen for the video montage to be played was Drake’s Started from the Bottom. Seemed perfect. Everyone liked it; which is no easy feat with a diverse group of 350 people. Check that. Everyone liked it except for the one who had absolute power over all the Senior grad plans for the Class of 2014, the Senior Class Advisor. Mr. C. declared the theme Started from the bottom, now we’re here to be the absolute worst theme because the lyrics were, well, they were explicit. Never mind the Top 40 radio edit version was being used because the kids will KNOW the dirty lyrics. No, nope, no! He suggested another song as the theme with music and lyrics so banal that no one can recall what it even was.

And now three years later…

I present to you the 8th grade graduation theme. The clean version of course. As for Jodie, she’s not bitter. She’s too busy being a part of the planning of a state’s Taco Festival.

Meanwhile, I present to you the first day and last day of 8th grade.

Now we’re here!

another day

I’m okay.


I swept up my broke, shattered nurse and finished decorating the new Big Top with most of our Christmas Crazy and focused on that which is good.

Like this.

It’s another day. Some problems remain…and, no lie, seem to be getting exponentially worse and worse. It’s going to be a long four years and I might be saying that often and you all might get tired of that real quick.

Remember the last eight years of our Ultra Right Wing, Tea Party friends and that racist relative of ours and their daily social media postings?


But today is definitely another day and I am happily listening to the Hamilton Mixtape on loop and focusing on good…and my own deep personal yearning for improvement.


and just when we imagine we know everything

As my darling 4th daughter, Jodie, turned 20 this year, I was fairly confident that we have this parenting teenagers down. After all, ask any of our family, friends, acquaintances, people we pass shopping at Target and they will GO OUT OF THERE WAY TO TELL YOU HOW PAINFULLY DIFFICULT IT IS TO RAISE TEENAGE GIRLS!

No, really.

‘They have. Literally any and every chance that came along.

And they have been right…well, sometimes.

My darling husband and I have four amazing daughters, who as teenagers challenged us in ways that made us certain that our mothers’ curses upon us were very real…and in ways that we could have never, ever imagined. Raising teenagers in the brave new world of social media? Did we really see that coming?

But we survived.

We did not die.

None of us.

And now, with four young adult women making their way in this world in their own way, we have imagined that we might actually know what we are doing raising teenagers because pseudo-experts told us girls are hard and boys are easy.


All y’all know nothing!


Believe me.

But one thing, as parents of teenagers, remains true still. We are really, really good at embarrassing our adolescent children.


Taking your teenaged son to a Styx Tribute Band concert might seem to be a perfect way to provoke the best of eye rolls and more and because of all the eye rolls, heavy sighs and never mind, Mom. 

This should be easy. One would think so, but no. Although joking about wearing an old Styx concert tee might be too meta did result in a half eye roll coupled with a really, Mom.

You’re going to write about this, aren’t you, Mom?

Well, maybe.

Fine. Make sure they know I had fun, because I did.

Of course.

:::he rolls his eyes:::

He did have fun hanging out with Mom, Dad and all those old people.

Yeah, he is also suddenly so much taller!!!

He’s rolling his eyes again right now.

no matter what, love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.

Allow me to preface this blog post with the fact that when I first met my darling husband (a meeting he doesn’t recall being distracted by his then DD cup girlfriend) he was a theater major which means that his friends at that time when we began dating regarded me as his Yoko Ono.


Honey! The Tonys are about to start! 

:::hmmmm, mumble, grumble:::

Aren’t you excited, I mean Hamilton!!! And so many more productions and performances to see tonight.

:hmmm, mumble, grumble:::

Seriously?! What’s wrong with you? Have you no soul?!

Well, considering I love and am married to a ginger…no. And he retreats into the other room, most likely to enjoy yet another Law & Order marathon….which had he watched the Tonys

But I have to tip my hat to my darling husband because, yes, he loved and married a ginger. Perhaps it is true that he does no longer have a soul.

I can neither confirm nor deny…

But I shall give thanks for the fact that he did fall in love with this awkward, shy little show choir geek and introduce her into the world of musical theater from which so much of the music that is this girl’s life has come from…which has stirred the imaginations and talents and thoughts and creativity in our children and our grandchildren..

The world turned upside down y’all!.

He might be in our bedroom watching the Law & Order marathon but I know he loves this as much as I do…at least he nods and mutters Yes Dear when I remind him of his promise to take me to ALL the Broadway shows some day…

Some day!…

Until then we will celebrate music and theater and freedom and love here under The Big Top because…

We live through times when hate and fear seem stronger. We rise and fall and light from dying embers. Remembrances that hope and love last longer. And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.

Lin Manuel Miranda

Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love y’all. Theater geek, history or political wonk or show choir nerd or someone with no soul, let us remember this and shout it and celebrate it and literally shove it into the faces of all the hate out there because love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.