thirty one times

Thirty one times I have nagged my darling husband to help me deck the halls and make this place all holiday jolly. Truth be told, I do most of the work…with a little help from my minions which would be the other reason why I had so many children. The first being so I don’t have to do the dishes. Just ask my kids, they’ll tell you; I had children so I would never have to wash dishes ever again. But yes, every year I have my darling husband help to haul our Christmas crazy packed away in the shed because spiders and the decking the halls begins.

Thirty one Christmases. Thirty one times. We’ve come a long, long way from that first year with our Charlie Brown tree that had no branches.

I look at him…then I look at other husbands…then I look back at him…

I am the lucky one.

NaPhoPoMo day 30

time for pie

Our Thanksgiving, delayed but one day, today because I worked yesterday. Actually I signed up to work because Hazel would be with her Daddy Jeff, Hollie and family would be celebrating the holiday with her in laws and Abby and Jodie would be working…hurray for greedy retailers open on Thanksgiving Day and NOT paying a premium to their workers for sacrificing family time you know like healthcare workers, police and fire.

Anyways, today was our Thanksgiving Day…after a short little nap for me. Loved spending the afternoon with my Zoë preparing a feast fit for a family circus. Thankful for that time.

Definitely thankful.

Thankful for the ones who did gather.

Definitely thankful.

Others, I’m afraid were perhaps too full from yesterday’s family feasting…and others were just terribly two.

Oh terrible twos! Poor sweet girl. Poor mommy too. I remember holiday gatherings like that. Those were the days! At least my darling husband was there to share the burden joy with me.

But now it is time for a little pie with our whipped cream.

Absolutely thankful.

NaPhoPoMo day 29

Danny Bob the turkey, a Thanksgiving tale for the ages

by Daniel Scarborough

Once upon a time, there was a turkey named Danny.

Danny was really lazy.and fat.

One day, he decided to eat healthy.

Then he wanted to live in a house. So he built a house.

Then he bought a lottery ticket and he only won $3. So he gave all of the money to charity.

Then he built a bike so that he could ride his bike. Then he sold the bike and gave the money to charity to bring old men back to life.

The End

Danny the turkey, a.k.a. Dan lives on Candy Corn Street in New York. He lives there with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob. Danny works at Jack in the Box. He has a pet moose, cats, dogs and horses that keep him pretty busy.His favorite tv show is Cats Chase Mice. Danny likes to ride his bike. His favorite snack is cookies. His favorite song is anything by One Direction.His favorite book is Curious Turkey. Danny’s favorite holiday is not Thanksgiving, but rather Christmas.

To my dear friend Kale, who wants me to write a book someday soon, I am betting Daniel will be writing his own book sooner. I bet he will get published too!

Happy Thanksgiving-Hannukah-Shopping Until You Drop or Trample Somebody!

NaPhoPoMo day 28


In this life, when you deny someone an apology, you will remember it at time you beg forgiveness.

~ Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was An Ancient Astronaut

Sometimes one apologizes to keep the peace. Sometimes because they want that which is happening now to just stop. Sometimes they do it out of fear…for their own self…for someone they love. Sometimes because they want to keep relationships intact. Sometimes so those that they love will gather around the family table to give thanks. Sometimes because they are mature enough, wise enough to realize that it is time to move on and the only way to move on is to apologize.

Weakness it is not.

Weak is to refuse the apology offered as you build up your walls with your blocks and barricades.

NaPhoPoMo day26