2017, hope, and the next generation

There is something troubling to hear in the news of the sudden, but peaceful death of a pop music icon of your own generation when he is around the same age as you…because he died peacefully can be a little bit disconcerting especially when the news reports add that George Michael was only 53. Sorry, but only 53 conjures up the assumption that most 50-something people are NOT facing very soon the inevitable end of their lives because only 53 suggests that there might be a few more years left to live.


WTF 2016?!!

I’m not the only one who has been saying that literally all year long. Just hurry up and end already! Please!

Perhaps that is why the AP is feeling like their New Year’s poll of 1,007 people surveyed online accurately portrays the tone of Americans right now. Optimistic as we face 2017? We have a president-elect gas-lighting nations, Congress, media, Saturday Night Live and corporations alike on Twitter; and when he actually tries to act presidential reaching out to include all Americans, his Trumpers freak out.

Sorry, imagining the potential with this kind of, er, leadership, I’m just not feeling all warm and fuzzy about the near future. I’m trying. Really, I am trying. But I just can’t. I just can’t even. I, and a number of other people I know (regardless of our politics), seem to be thinking more in line with what Michele Obama said recently.

We feel the difference now. See, now, we are feeling what not having hope feels like. Hope is necessary. It’s a necessary concept and Barack didn’t just talk about hope because he thought it was just a nice slogan to get votes. He and I and so many believe that — what else do you have if you don’t have hope. What do you give your kids if you can’t give them hope?

It’s true. What can I offer my young adult children, my teenaged son, my grand daughters if I can’t even begin to feel hopeful about the next four years…dear god please not eight years!!! It’s hard to imagine America while not having a grownup in the White House. Nailed it, Michele!

But thank you, Mr. President. Thanks Obama as you remind us of that generation right behind us, and I believe each successive generation, as long as we’re doing our job of being good models for it, they’re going to move this country forward in a better direction.

There is hope. Hope is right here. I’m willing to wait for it.


Last week under the Big Top it was hot. It was hotter than it usually is or expected to be the first week of May with temps in the 90s nearing the century mark. Yes, I am well aware that in other parts of the country people were shoveling snow…in May!

I know!

I’m sorry.

Unfortunately I can’t control the weather. It is not part of my job description as the master juggler around here…no matter what my kids might think.

Still I did my best to keep the Big Top cool. Hurray for the window tint I got for my birthday. It worked…it really worked!!! I also, after careful research…which came after discussing it with the wise folks on Twitter, changed the direction in which all of our ceiling fans were turning.

Counter clockwise was the overwhelming consensus that a fan must turn in order to produce a cooling wind chill effect by the downward air flow.

As predicted it did not change the thermostat but the living room and kitchen area, as well as the bedrooms did indeed seem to be significantly cooler…oh, and I didn’t have to turn on the ac until the day we hit the century mark last Thursday late afternoon. I liked that. I liked that a lot.

And my circus clowns came home all week to a nice, cool Big Top after their long days at work, school, dance, Krav Maga and Tae Kwon Do.

Saving energy and keeping the Big Top comfortably cool; I win!

Thankfully, by Sunday there was a change in the weather and this week has brought temperatures that are 20-30 degrees cooler along with cool evening Delta breezes. As it should be here in the merry month of May. It is then that my darling husband wonders out loud if we should turn on the ac because he is hot.

Close the blinds and open the windows and let the breezes in, honey. It is only 75° outside.

But I’m hot!

Oh for goodness sake! (opening some windows and closing the blinds to block the setting sun)

Then looking up I notice that the ceiling fan is now turning clockwise.

Um, honey?


Did you change the direction of the fan?

Yeah. I changed them all. They’re going in the wrong direction.

Um, no! I checked. They are supposed to be counter clockwise to cool the house more efficiently.

No, they are supposed to be clockwise in the warm months. I’ve got this.

No. Seriously honey, I did some research on this. In order to cool the house more efficiently and decrease our ac usage…AND save on our energy bill, the fans need to be turning counter clockwise. It helps to cool the whole room so we all can enjoy it.

When the fan turns clockwise it isn’t cooling the whole room. It does however seem to create a mini tornado under YOUR chair when you turn the fan up to high.

As it should be.

No, it should not be that way. Look, I’m just trying to save us a little off of our energy bill. It is crazy during the summer months and every little thing helps.

Fine! (he gets the step ladder and proceeds to change all of the fans directions back to counter clockwise)

A few hours later…

You know, I have been doing my OWN research and the direction the fan has nothing to do with cooling the room. It is how the blades are angled.

And so now the fans are turning clockwise…for now.

The moral of the story is it would seem that married couples are always arguing about directions.

So…what direction is your ceiling fan turning?

Weekend Assignment #183: Settle the ultimate question

John Scalzi writes:

As most of you know AOL Journal has installed a new feature that allows folks to build polls right from the “Add an Entry” screen. It fast and fun and easy to use, so, you know — let’s!

Weekend Assignment #183: Make up a poll for people to play with. The poll can be on any subject you want — it can be serious or funny or silly or whatever (although funny’s always, you know. Funny). If you’re not on AOL Journals or for some reasons you don’t want to use AOL’s poll function, there are other poll options for your blog; here’s one, for example.

Once and for all I want to settle the ultimate question and a poll is the perfect venue. It’s anonymous, no blood will be shed and there will be peace throughout the land…I hope. This is the one that on any given day has the potential to divide us here under the Big Top:
Help us settle this once and for all. Your opinion counts.

Coke or Pepsi? You must choose.
Coke is it baby!
I’m a Pepsi generation baby all the way!
I’m with Daniel, as long as mom is letting me, I’ll drink anything, even generic cola!
pollcode.com free polls

Extra credit: Have you ever participated in a political poll?

No but I was a part of a political focus group with the San Jose Mercury News for the 1992 Presidential election. I not only had my political affiliation outed butI got my picture in the paper (very flattering I might add) and I got misquoted.