just me using my time given to me

There is much I could write about right now and share with you but I am distracted by the snot that has impacted my sinus cavities in the epic way that only a summer cold can and I am distracted by the cold meds…and the dreams that the cold meds seem to inspire. But most of all, I am distracted by how good Level 7 looks on me.

Seriously, y’all.

Of course virtual animation does add about 10 pounds on you.


I am also a little distracted, and excited, about the wild Pikachu Hazel helped her Mima capture while we were walking around The Big Top neighborhood park just around the corner.

The Pikachu that I might have been searching for in vain the last couple of days…in my spare time of course because waste my time on PokemomGo?!…Seriously, life is using time given to you. You can not recall lost time. Don’t forget that.

You’re welcome for that heartwarming quote from Pokemon Games!

She is totally a Pikachu lure which just might be one of the many reasons why she is spending the night here under The Big Top. I’m hoping she can lure Squirtle too.

Stay tuned…




hopelessly devoted

As I am writing this, I am watching our dog, Betty…AKA Betty with the Good Hair, following my darling husband all around The Big Top.






Tonight she has a good excuse because in spite of the fact that she is wearing her Thundershirt and has taken some doggy Xanax , she is stressed. Thank you every single Fourth of July Yahoo out there pre-gaming as they set off their illegal fireworks. ‘Merica! You do you, you quasi-patriotic yahoos.

If she wasn’t so stressed out she would still be by his side right now. Curled up at his feet. Likely sleeping; but with one eye open at the ready to jump up and do whatever my darling husband wants…go for a walk…get a doggy treat…go for a walk…perform her one trick…go for a walk…the possibilities are practically endless and she must be ready.

She’s devoted.

Hopelessly devoted.

I call her Betty with the Good Hair waiting for my darling husband to get the Lemonade reference because how could anyone NOT. Betty loves my darling husband. She adores him. She will use her amazing herding skills to herd me out of the way because she loves him THAT much. It is then that I flash my wedding ring and hiss he has been mine for more than 33 years years and he still is, Betty with the Good Hair! And don’t forget, I have opposable thumbs!

My darling husband chuckles.

But when it comes to absolute, complete, total devotion, perhaps Betty with the Good Hair has me beat.

I love my darling husband and I do look forward to his coming home at the end of the day; but you won’t find me where she is…waiting…pretty much all day…waiting for Bill to come home at the end of the day. She judges me if I am not as stressed as she can be if he is even just 20 minutes late because of traffic. She will pace and pause looking at the door and pace some more and whine a little and look at me with judging eyes that almost shriek, Don’t you care that he is late??? Why are you not even a little bit worried???

Sometimes I’ll answer back reminding her of the fact that I have opposable thumbs…that can text our man.


scenes from a Safeway

Some days it just is not possible to get in and get out quickly while running errands. Like today at my friendly, neighborhood Safeway.

Police officer to store clerk, bagger and me: Excuse me, but we are looking for this woman 

:::holds up photograph of a waif-like, elderly woman:::

Have any of you seen her here today?

Store clerk: She’s STILL missing?!

Police officer: Actually we found her yesterday. She’s been reported missing by the family again today. 

Bagger: Whenever she comes in here she has no money and tries to get alcohol.

Police Officer: Yeah, we’re thinking there is a problem going on with this family since she seems to turn up missing all the time.

Bagger: Haven’t seen her today, sorry. But I imagine she’ll show up soon looking to buy alcohol with no money.

:::muttering to myself::: Why does this sound like my future?

And everyone laughs just a little.

I DO hope they found that tiny, little old lady safe and sound.

work clothes

Way, way back in 1990, when I was but a baby nurse, Bill and Hollie would stop by in the wee small hours of the morning to say hello on their way to day care and work. That is work for my darling husband and day care for 3 year old Hollie…SIGH! It was a hard thing for her to understand at that age, her mommy (when she called me mommy) heading off to work after tucking her in. So many questions she had then because who works ALL NIGHT LONG and in their PAJAMAS; at least in her 3 year old mind the nursing scrubs I was wearing when she would come and share a bowl of cereal with Scotty, the respiratory therapist while she waited for me to get off work and take her to day care were pajamas. Hollie regarded this with a mix of admiration and suspicion because no other grown up she knew wore pajamas to work, yet how cool to be able to wear pajamas to work!

How cool indeed!

And, apparently, there is such a thing as National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day. My Timehop app told me so yesterday.


Kind of cool except yesterday was Saturday. But hey, nurses work all the hours of every single day and every single night so naturally…

I wore my pajamas, er, scrubs to work. No, I don’t sleep in my scrubs because, ew, all the hospital bugs and yuck; but my current favorite scrubs are practically soft and comfortable enough that they might as well be pajamas.

Traditionally National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day is always the day after taxes are due in the United States; and if you’ve just paid your taxes you deserve an ULTRA-CASUAL day, don’t you? Hey, you’ve got to go to work, but who says you’ve got to change into your clothes! So actually National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day should be Tuesday, April 19 since Tax Day this year is tomorrow.


Guess what? I am working Tuesday night. I’m definitely celebrating…again. I might even get fancy and wear flowers in my hair.


If you haven’t already filed, GET YOUR TAXES DONE!

walking and chewing gum at the same time is hard

It is no secret to those who know me very well that I am clumsy. Grace is most definitely not my middle name.  I literally can NOT walk and chew gum at the same time. Never mind that I hate chewing gum period. I also am unable to pat my head and rub my belly at the same time. Sesame Street long ago revealed that personal shame to me. Thanks Gordon, Big Bird and the rest of Sesame Street!

Yes, I am a klutz. So it would come to no surprise to those who know me and love me best that I would manage to stub my toe in the most spectacular fashion. After all, I am the same girl who shattered her radius and ulna while mopping a floor.

Go big or go home!

But yes, last month I stubbed my pinky toe and to make it all the more fun, I also sliced off a 5 mm thick piece of the underside and inner portion of that pinky toe. Don’t ask me how. Even I don’t know. But I certainly was not surprised because it’s me. The challenge that followed the next few days was stopping the bleeding, the oozing and the potential for infection because it is my pinky toe. Never doubt how important that tiny fifth toe is.

It eventually did stop bleeding but soon began to look rather suspect. Of course I imagined the worst possible scenario with flesh eating bacteria and all that fun and games when I went to my doctor. When your doctor cringes and hisses at the sight of your latest injury you know it’s bad…but not nearly as bad as I imagined. No amputation for me…thank god! Epsom salt soaks, bacitracin, socks, shoes and some antibiotics along with the shaking of his head and clucking of his tongue as he dictated this particular visit into my chart. And, after a few weeks, I’m now all better and ready for the next clumsy moment.

Of course our insurance needs to better understand this injury and doctor’s office visit as they do with anything that is not a cold or flu or well check or follow-up status post STEMI. They need to understand the nature of the injury…the how did it happen…did it happen at work or perhaps in a public place…or did someone cause this injury who could possibly pay for the urgent care office visit. All this and more was asked of me in a little, two-paged questionnaire that they sent to me. Be as detailed as possible they instruct me. 


It happened at home. I was walking and I stubbed my toe.

I was not at work. I was at home.

I was not at a public place (THANK GOD!), I was at home.

No one caused this accident to happen or did this to me on purpose. I did it all by myself. 

I managed to stub my toe simply by walking and because this is me I had to do it in the most spectacular fashion effectively removing a large chunk of my pinky toe because I am wonderfully clumsy me. But hey insurance claims person, it’s a good thing that I did go see my doctor for an urgent care visit after it started looking purple and oozing bloody pus because it ended up being so much better for me and for you that it wasn’t some crazy flesh eating bacteria getting into that wound that might need all kinds of crazy, expensive interventions like IV antibiotics and hospitalizations and amputation and physical therapy. Lucky for us both that I still have my now skinnier pinky toe and you only have an $134 urgent office visit to pay for. Hurray, hurray!

I am going to imagine that the claims office of our health insurance is thoroughly entertained with my answers to their questionnaire…and so happy that they asked for more details about my stubbed and sliced toe.

No pictures to share here…I might have already over-shared that with my health-allied friends on social media because of my imaginings of gangrenous infections taking over my body. Nobody needs to see that yuck ever again. Instead, because it is apparently National Puppy Day, I will share with you all the shenanigans and adorableness that is Jodie at Sigma Pi’s Paws for a Cause yesterday.

Unlike her mommy dearest, Jodie is not clumsy at all…which is a very good thing since her middle name is indeed Grace.