still a bad mother

You know that moment when you are done for the day and you are like REALLY done because you have TAKEN OFF THE BRA.

Okay, perhaps you don’t understand that.

Sorry guys. You will never understand what true freedom is, I guess.

But, after a long, triple digits hot, day, I am at last enjoying that kind of freedom and I am not going anywhere. Not tonight. Sorry kids, not even to help you kill that horrible spider.

I love my girls. I know that terror too well. But no. I took my bra off. I’m in for the night.

I’ll call for search and rescue in the morning if they don’t answer back.




and it all started with a big bang

Legos, Big Bang Theory, Batman. Can it really get better than this?

Well, yes. Yes it can.

Create your own personal mini-fig and invite yourself to the room where it happens.

…we are made of particles that have existed since the moment the universe began. I like to think those atoms traveled fourteen billion years through time and space to create us, so that we could be together… – The Matrimonial Momentum – The Big Bang Theory

I deserve this today, today I deserve it. – Batman – Lego Batman

slug bugs

Who doesn’t play slug bug…or punch buggy? Of course with a circus like mine, through the years, it had all the possibility of ruthlessness. Thank goodness for the official rules. Yes, The Official Rules of Slug Bug is a real, actual thing and thank you Baby Jesus for those rules because without them chaos, confusion, turmoil, hostility will reign freely.

Why does this feel like it’s happening anyway?

Did you notice that silver Slug Bug convertible, Mom?

No, we don’t follow the official rules so much these days because sometimes in the midst of real life nihilism, one must rebel.

That blue Slug Bug is so shiny, isn’t it son? Almost as nice as that black one I see in my rear view mirror?

Ah, geez Mom!

Yeah, that’s how we roll, my favorite son and I because sometimes you have to revolt against the status quo. Meanwhile, what do you think about that red and white, old school Slug Bug?