thanks to perseverance and confidence in herself

PhD level unlocked.

I couldn’t be happier or prouder of my sister because she worked hard for this.

I am optimistic about your work. I am optimistic that my successor will quickly realize how important this work is. I urge you to stay the course and keep up your commitment to the work. Make your voices heard and make them relevant to the people that you’re talking to. ~ Sally Jewell, U.S. Interior Secretary

You got this, my dear Dr. Sister!

don’t touch

Some things will always and forever remain the same from person to person, family to family, generation to generation.

Especially during colds and flu season.

Seriously Hazel, don’t touch Fallon’s ticket…at least until you feel better. I sure hope that it is very soon.

when sisters are great

Summer vacation from school can really suck sometimes; especially when your parents work life and that thing they call being an adult get in the way. I try to placate the kids with I know how you feel, but really what would a mom as old as me really understand about any of that. Still I do try, as do many other parents distracted by work life and not enough vacation time and adulting obligations that get in the way. My friends, Kristen and Liz, really nailed it discussing this topic recently in their podcast with Jessica Lahey.

All good stuff really; but it doesn’t help ease the disappointment when your son’s plans fall through…the plans that he literally was counting down the days to and that you perhaps  misunderstood but you likely did not because you were actually trying to downplay and distract son from his calendar countdown to make alternate plans because you had a feeling…

It is then that you and your son give thanks for sisters; big sisters who drive and who have a day off when mom and dad don’t.

Sisters and their friends are awesome like that. He’ll ignore that which usually annoys him about sisters and girls right now because here is …

His happy place.

And this week, for now, he agrees that sisters are great.


how lucky we are

All over social media yesterday was the celebrations and playful humiliation that is National Siblings Day. Having already said what I have wanted to say about those people I have practiced on a couple of years ago, I just sit back and enjoyed the show of y’all and your brothers and sisters in all the faded black and white and sepia and Kodachrome glory until one of my darling daughters herself shared.

I respond in the way only I can respond because I had never seen this photo before…


And then I spent  some time just taking in my darling daughters in all their young women glory thinking…

My babies!…Damn! Bill and I made all kinds of beautiful-ness…How is it they look so different yet the same?…Perhaps my old boss, Kate Smith, is right; I have cloned my children…I never looked this beautiful when I was 29 or 24 or 22 or just weeks from 20…I might be jealous…I am definitely proud…These four are pretty amazing, smart, hard-working, creative, thoughtful forces of nature and I birthed them all…YOU’RE WELCOME WORLD!!!

And as all the stream of conscious thoughts continued to ebb and flow, I found myself overwhelmed with memories of when these four were small and I was exhausted and overwhelmed and absolutely always second guessing my own self as their mother because every day was filled with noisy, loud, chaos with all the Barbies and giggles and tears and screaming and daily attempts to maim or cause mayhem against one sister or more. I do not joke when I recall that these darling clowns would quite literally go to war over belly button lint…at least it felt like that…all the time…every waking minute…every day. Elbows deep in all of that plus the mountains of laundry and all the naked Barbies, I could never imagine myself at this moment regarding the four amazing WOMEN who are my daughters…and that we have arrived, finally, at a time in our lives where they aren’t trying to kill one another on a daily basis.

What can I say? I’m feeling so lucky and so blessed and I get to declare that I am their mother.

Oh, and I get to share a fun cover of my latest obsession that celebrates some other pretty amazing, strong sisters.




little girl wishes

So you know what Fallon is wishing for?

No, what?

To be a big sister.


She even has a plan.

A plan?

Yes. I could have twins.


Yes, twins. That way there will be a baby for Hazel and a baby for Fallon.

So then they wouldn’t have to fight.


Seems legit.

Calm down boys and girls!!! There is no coming attraction baby or babies arriving anytime soon to join this circus act. But I did warn Hollie about little girl’s wishes and their prayers…powerful stuff they are.