she got it from her granny!

If you ever wondered where in the world could a baby so beautiful and perfect as Miss Hazel Faye could get white, trailer trash roots from all you have to do is look no further than her Gma. Usually I can disguise it fairly well but some days it is just impossible to hide.

With my bra strap hanging out from a “beater” undershirt the only thing refined and classy about this is the bra and the undershirt are both black! OMG, they match!!! I often joke about how I worked so hard to get out of the trailer park and how I was certain my kids would drag me kicking and screaming back into it but it would seem that in reality I never really left. It’s true! You can take the girl out of the trailer park but the trailer park never really leaves the girl…at least in my case.

Still I have to say that thanks to shredding and running with the shredhead cult and the nasty-I-wouldn’t-wish-it-on-anyone-EVER meningitis weight loss plan, I do rock the “beater”.

Happy Spring!

It’s Spring and with spring comes spring clean-up and sprucing up and we’re not just talking about the yardwork, baby. I seriously can’t believe that this commercial was aired.

Of course while we giggled about it, Bill had to wonder why they didn’t show a completely bare bush. Perhaps that would have gone too far?

tacky wedding behavior # 76

Oh yes she did!…During the ceremony!
This is just more proof that you can dress folks up but some of them you just can’t take out anywhere.
This even outdoes my personal favorite of the maid of honor chewing and snapping her gum at a wedding I attended a few years ago. Or the couple flossing their teeth during the vows at another wedding…at least they were discreet…sort of, kind of.
So, everyone, DISH!
What is the most tacky wedding behavior you have seen?

Smokey update: America has voted and Smokey stays. But Holly, you still have to clean his littler box EVERYDAY while you are staying here.