the one that knows me best

That moment when you update your smart phone…

That moment when as you hit that update button and agree to all the terms of service (that your really did not read,even if you lied a little and hit the button that says you read all the terms of service) when you also light a candle, burn some sage, perhaps make a small sacrifice and pray…pray that it doesn’t take hours or turn your smart phone into a useless brick.

Yes! That moment!

Good times, fun times, always.

I got lucky this time. Ten minutes. That’s all it took before I was able to text with lasers…which is probably THE BEST thing…aside from the optimize storage feature, the data saving features, FINALLY able to delete the Apple Stocks app because I have never, ever used that app. But the coolest, yet disconcerting and perhaps creepy creeper creep feature has to be this.

I get into the car and my smart phone KNOWS I am going to works…HOW??!!

How? How does it know where I’m going when I am running errands? How??!!

You’re creeping me out iPhone. I appreciate the traffic update as I leave for work or Target or Safeway or Costco or the orthodontist or picking up Daniel at school or meeting Zoë for lunch or my massage appointment but at the same time I am a little bit creeped out right now. Not a clown-is-stalking-me creeped out but you are getting a little too close. But thank you, iPhone.

Until your next update… 

spoiling the favorite

Here under The Big Top, it is no secret that we play favorites. “Experts” agree and opine all the time that parents, whether they want to admit it or not, do play favorites. Some parents write about it and become viral media sensations. There’s even a freaking how-to guide for us more indecisive parents. And of course growing up with four siblings, each one of my kids are always trying to figure out who is my favorite child…right now.

Well this week “the current favorite” received a little something from me.

Not because she wanted it…because they ALL wanted it. Not because I had the disposable income to buy it for her because I don’t and if I did that money would be going to stuff like bills that need to be paid. I won this sweet little iPad mini. Boys and girls sometimes you do win those social media contests that you must like or retweet or repost or share or whatever.

The more you know!

But I have an iPad. Gifted to me by my Dad…probably on a day where I was the favorite. My iPad is great.

Cue the sucking up and presentations from my circus act of why each individual clown should have an iPad from me.

Actually my clowns surprised me and did not do so much sucking up…or at least not as much as I expected which could have been a little bit disappointing kids. I’m just saying. No actually because I really didn’t talk too much about winning the iPad to them, or anyone else…well, except for my darling husband because I knew each and everyone of my darling clowns would LOVE for me to gift them with an iPad and OMG the dilemma of choosing…people the struggle is really real.



It is real.

After much thought, consideration and discussion with my darling husband, the father of these clowns, the decision was made.

They all could use it.They all WANTED it. They all (in their minds) needed it. They all definitely deserved such a gift because, frankly, Bill and I have FIVE pretty damn awesome kids. Still, we both decided that the one who needed it the most RIGHT NOW should have it…the one who finds herself with no working computer. The one who has a phone that no longer connects to the Internet too. The one who recently moved from one part of Cali to another and needs to get settled back to work and (soon I hope) back to school. The one who is our favorite…today…this week.

This playing favorites thing as parents is hard! Still we are rewarded….with hugs, lots of hugs and thanks….

and iPad selfies of their gorgeous, happy smiles.

This week’s favorite child appropriately spoiled…check. Next week will likely be Daniel because Back to School and all that.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the Nursing Handbook app on my iPad. Thank you Wolters Kluwer Health.




damned if they do, damned if they don’t

So there I was, sitting in the outpatient registration waiting room of a local hospital with Hazel Faye.

Don’t ask. It was no big deal. Really. But yes, there Hazel and I were sitting in the waiting room with the Fox News Network blaring shrilly as it does in the waiting room of outpatient registration of our local hospital. I’m not sure why it must be Fox News, but it is.. Maybe because we are quite possibly in the fifth circle of Hell sitting in an outpatient waiting room.

Trust me, the last thing a five year old wants to do while waiting endlessly in a boring waiting room is to listen to some shrill pundit kvetch and moan and tear at their clothes worrying about why the President would appear with Zach Galifnianakis on Between Two Ferns. She also doesn’t find other people in the waiting room shouting at the tv entertaining at all. She’s five. All this is boring; especially sitting in a waiting room.



Don’t worry. I’ve got this.

Frozen on Mima’s iPad! You are welcome everyone waiting endlessly in the outpatient waiting room! Hazel is happy. Hazel is entertained. Hazel is sitting still. Hazel is occupied. And save for her quietly singing “Let It Go” (with perfect pitch and sounding great), she is not bothering anyone.




Except the three older people sitting in the corner aren’t so sure.

Is that a game or something?“, a little old lady shouts out at Hazel.

Hazel looks up briefly and answers back, politely, “No, it’s an iPad.

The little old lady clucks her tongue and looks to her two companions, “Kids! They just can’t do anything but stare at some screen.

“They’re spoiled. Parents can’t be bothered so they give them cellphones and smart computers and games and those ‘Pads’ and tvs.

Yup, they’re spoiled!“:

Parents just don’t care.

The three of them nod together as they look up at Hazel then at me glaring.

Oh for crying out loud!

The first old lady nods in my direction, “How lucky she is her mother can buy her such an expensive thing like an iPad.

Hazel looks up again, rolls her eyes and says matter of factly, “I don’t have an iPad. This is my Mima’s.

I put my arm protectively around Hazel and say out loud, to no one in particular, “Well I guess a kid like you is darned if you do and darned if you don’t.

And Hazel answers back, “Yup!

For the record, I did say darn.

have Magicstick will travel

I offer no apology when I point out that we are that family where everyone has a smartphone, iPod, Ninetendo3DS, Kindle or iPad in hand. The last time we went out to dinner as a family (Abby’s birthday), my darling husband suggested that the next time we dine out together as a family whomever is the first to check their phone should pay the bill. He said this while he was scrolling through his Facebook news feed. So yes, I offer no apology because we resemble pretty much every family with teens, young adults and parents firmly connected to their phones.

Of course the worst thing ever is when we are traveling be it over the mountains and through the valleys to grandmother’s house we go, or to a dance competition or a concert or to Children’s Hospital’s Endocrinology Clinic, or work, or whatever other adventure we might be on is when one of us (or all of us) has a low battery.

The horror of it all!


It has happened.

There is only one car charger and it might be awhile before we can find an outlet.

Definitely a problem.

Potentially a tragedy.

Which is why I gladly agreed to accept and review Powerocks Magicstick.This little Magicstick is a compact, convenient and lightweight mobile charger that easily fits in the palm of your hand. When fully charged the 2800mAh Magicstick promises to be capable of 2 full charges for most smartphones. It is compatible with seven different kind of devices including iPhone, mobile phone, mp3 player, smartphone, e-reader, gps and portable gaming devices.

Yeah, that pretty much covers this circus act of mine and our electronics.

We received our Magicstick Christmas Eve so of course we put it to the test heading to Santa Cruz for Christmas with Grandmom, Aunt Toni and Uncle Jesse. Fully charged, the Magicstick indeed came in handy charging my phone up from 20% to 100% and Zoë’s phone to about 70% from 30%. It took awhile but a charged iPhone is better than one with no battery life. Especially since the rest of the family circus was forced to take turns using the car charger on the long ride home back to the Big Top that night. The Magicstick is indeed a handy little charger to keep in your purse, briefcase, backpack or even your back pocket. The important thing to remember is to make sure that it is fully charged.

This is a review of the Powerocks Magicstick. I received no compensation other than the Magicstick itself which is being put to good use here under the Big Top. For more information about the Magicstick and other Powerocks products checkout their website here.