important and legal

All content posted here at Adventures in Juggling, unless otherwise noted, is the intellectual property of me, Laura Scarborough. If you steal any of it, flying monkeys will invade your brain and torment you forever…no, really, they will…and I’m talking about those scary flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.

I make it no secret that I am a registered nurse in a Level III neonatal intensive care unit. However, I do not dispense medical advice. If you have medical questions about your pregnancy, your baby, your experience in the NICU, I will defer to you seeking the advice of your own personal physician. That’s why they went to school forever and why they get paid the big bucks by you and your insurance companies, to answer your questions. Feel free to remind them of that if they don’t answer your questions and tell them I told you to say that. As the mom of a former 24 weeker however, I will share my own experiences as the mom of a preemie. Any tales from the NICU I might share are no one specific patient but rather my own experiences as a mother of a 24 weeker or a composite of the hundreds of patients I have cared for since I began my NICU nursing practice way back in 1990. If you believe that my writing resembles you or your family member, you are mistaken and probably think that song on the radio is about you.

As you can see, there are no ads here on my Adventures in Juggling. I like it that way. It makes it so much easier for me to just talk about the most awesome product ever that I just discovered all on my very own with my own dime. Of course if someone were to just give me their product, I would accept it and then I would share here on my very own blog what I liked or didn’t like about it. I would also gladly disclose that the product was given to me.  This is probably why product review type posts are so rare here under The Big Top. Nevertheless, you can trust any review or recommendation from me and, most of all, you can trust that I will and do Blog with Integrity.

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