and even though I know how very far apart we are

There is really nothing like a lazy Saturday afternoon waning into evening and the dinner hour.

Simply the best.

But even better…

Jodie soon sent me a snap from Arizona.

Miles and miles separate us and yet moments like this help to know we are together, watching The Notebook underneath the same great big sky.

Are you hearing Linda Rondstadt and James Ingram now? You should be. I know I am. Don’t worry, I’m a giver. Here you go.

I miss that girl of mine.

It’s great that they grow up and go on to make great adventures all their very own but I still miss them. Another one will soon be moving – and ocean away no less – and while I am proud and excited and worried (because I am a mom and it is my job to worry dammit) I am at this moment not looking forward to the end of September, when she will really be an ocean away. At least we shall have lazy days binge watching at the same time on lazy Saturday afternoons favorite movies and television series and snapchat to share those moments together underneath the same big sky.

universal freshman

You guys!

Trying real hard to resist maudlin thoughts like the fact that more than 15 years ago this was a moment that we didn’t dare to imagine or speak of because then all we were hoping for was for him to breathe on his own. But here we are!

I tried. I did try.

Here we are folks – #HighSchoolLife


Well yes, except for the anxiety of a bigger school and getting lost on a campus with a layout that makes no sense. The stress that is high school PE with changing in and out of required PE clothes and getting to the next class on time. The changing classes from one end of the campus to the other doesn’t help either. Just don’t get him started on the frustration that is opening his assigned locker.

The same as is every other freshman past, present and future.

He’s going to be fine.

I think we are too.

better than Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee, in his usual awkward attempt at sarcasm has once again stepped in a big pile of pig shit.

If you have four stars on your shoulder, you’re not a slow learner, you didn’t ride the short bus.

As one of the Trump surrogates, who regularly crow on Sunday news shows, he said that attempting to humorously reassure us all that retired General John Kelly is the perfect choice as Chief of Staff for the worst Administration in the White House ever! Of course, being the former Governor of Arkansas, candidate for President of the United States and respected pundit that he is, he had to walk his comments back hours later.

A comment on Fox this am was undeservedly harmful and disrespectful to many people. No ifs or buts – I was wrong – period. I apologize.

Watching this all on the news, I came thisclose to yelling at the TV monitor – as I seem to do much too much these days, thank you Donald Trump – but someone else beat me to it.

Maybe he shouldn’t have said something so harmful and disrespectful in the first place!

That would be my son, my favorite son.

The one who, for years, rode the short bus. The one who is mature enough, respectful enough, kind enough, fair enough and smart enough to understand one does not have to tear other people down in order to build their own self or others up. Unlike Mike Huckabee.

That is probably the biggest – BIGLY-est – things wrong with Huckabee and everyone else connected to this Administration.

Perhaps they could use some wisdom from someone who has ridden the short bus!

I will now go back to all of my feelings here as I contemplate where has the time gone because that sweet little boy is now a very wise, young man!

191 days, 14 hours, 37 minutes

That’s how long that man has been sitting in the White House, well that’s how long it has been when I started writing this.

I don’t know about you but I am tired. Perhaps tomorrow I might not feel so tired. Then again…

This is happening later this week and I think I might be even more tired because my baby boy, my son, my favorite son is starting high school.

in the end

I remember the first time I heard Chester Bennington. A voice modulating so much pure, raw pain that touched me to the very core that I try so hard to keep inside. I know I am not the only one who felt it because yesterday so many reacted to the news of his ending his own pain.

Chester’s voice was joy and pain, anger and forgiveness, love and heartache all wrapped up into one. For me, Linking Park was a part of my go-to running playlist that pushed me through all the hubris and pain – mental, emotional and physicalthat I would encounter for miles and miles and miles.

In the end, for Chester, everything become too heavy, much too much heavy and the rest of us, his family, his friends, his band-mates and his fans now must just try to hold on.

My friends, it’s okay. It’s really okay, I promise, for us to say to one another sometimes, “You know what? No, I’m not fine. Let me tell you what’s going on in my life.” It is. It really is.

Going through this album, everything from battling with addiction, battling with relationships, battling with family members dying, dealing with suicide attempts. Dealing with kids that are growing up. Every day seemed to bring some new stack of bullshit that I had to deal with. Bringing this stuff up Mike would be like, “God, dude, this is what’s going on in my life or my friend’s life or my family is dealing with this,” or “I know people going through that,” and then it was like, “Bro! Like dude, this is what I’m dealing with.” And in this case, that was the type of conversation that started most of these sessions.

On this particular day, we got into this conversation, and I believe it was Mike that got up as we were kind of talking. As I started talking about some stuff, Mike gets up and starts playing the chord progression and is just kind of going through it. If I recall correctly, right away Julia went, “I don’t like my mind right now. Stacking up problems that are so necessary.” And we were like, “That’s it!” And it was just like “Boom!

~ Chester Bennington, commentary – Heavy