my pet

From my darling son, a gift…a pet rock. My pet rock has green eyes, which Daniel reminds me is my favorite color. He also points out that my pet rock has a butt and then turns it over to show me. He laughs hysterically because he is a ten year old boy. I imagine that if my pet rock just now farted he would have then laughed all the harder until tears rolled down his face because he does do that often…laughs until he cries.

Not only does my pet rock possess a butt but he has a name too. Lucky pet rock! His name, you ask? It’s Yo Yo Boy.

Of course it is.

Yo Yo Boy now sits on a position of honor on my bedside table. I assume to keep watch over me while I sleep…like a good pet rock does.

Don’t you wish that you had a pet rock as awesome as mine? Well, you can. Daniel has directions on how you can make a pet rock for your very own…or, perhaps for someone you love.

How to make a Pet Rock

  1. Find a round rock or stone.
  2. Clean the rock with soap and water.
  3. Let it dry.
  4. Choose the paint you want.
  5. Paint it all one color…if you wish.
  6. Paint eyes, nose and a mouth…and a butt, if you wish.
  7. Put your pet rock to work as a paper weight or decoration.