Weeks…okay, MONTHS later I am FINALLY moving forward with the big project that is my staircase bannister. I’m blaming the hot summer and fall, back to school, Halloween, the Coming Attraction that became known as Fallon, the holidays, the post holidays packing of holiday decorations, Jodie’s crazy work and dancing schedule that requires me to be her personal taxi, babysitting the grands at least twice a week…and any other excuse I can come up with right now to explain why six months later I am still working on painting the staircase bannister.

Well one coat on one small part of the staircase bannister and yes, I am definitely committed here. That is what my darling husband said when he saw what I had done today. I am also quite aware that I have missed a spot or more. My darling husband also noticed that too.


Stay tuned…hopefully I won’t be updating this project in June.