millennial misconception

In the Be Careful What You Post On Social Media files this week we have Harvard rescinding acceptances for at least ten students for obscene memes and then we have poor, young Katie McHugh.  

Oh Katie, you poor thing, you! Fired for your social media activity.

Crazy! You, a young up and coming ultra-Right Wing journalist tweeting something wholly not true because history and the Irish Republican Army and The Troubles and being called out for that by the Twitterverse because obviously you weren’t paying attention in Modern World History. Of course you react with racist taunts; which seems to be the reason you were fired? I don’t know. Life comes at you pretty hard sometimes it seems and so you react with crowdfunding for monetary support.

Speaking as someone who once was as young as you, dear Katie, and was fired for saying things wholly wrong and inappropriate, I have to commend you on your youthful resourcefulness and BALLS seeking handouts to support you while you recover from being fired. It would be  easy to blame your entitlement on your millennial-ness because everyone knows it’s millennials and their want for all of the avocado toasts and the ruining of all the Applebees that is what is wrong with this world today – and you, Katie, are part of all of that. At least it might seem to be so to the old people.

Katie, I’m going to offer you a little bit of grace for your youth and lack of wisdom that is hard earned through life experience and try not to judge you as entitled – not too much. Girl, you need to just suck it up, learn from this sour life lesson and move on, up and out. We all do. It’s adulting, Katie. Something every generation has had to learn – the lazy, self-absorbed, slackers that were the Greatest, Boomers and Gen Xers.

Yes, all of us, ahem, old people have been there and have done that – thank god it wasn’t on social media.

No, really. Thank. God.

With millennials in the news like Katie it’s easy to assume much – and assume wrong.

Millennials are a generation that is very much about owning and controlling their destiny in a way that other generations haven’t been. Like most of us, millennials are happiest spending time with their family and friends. Salary isn’t everything: They value finding a sense of purpose in their work more than their income. Though they are arguably the most tech-savvy generation, they feel that human connection is the best way to keep in touch. Most importantly they value happiness.

Those 18-34 years olds? Most of them are nothing like those Katies. Thank goodness!

The kids, they’re okay. Maybe they are even more better than us all.