much LeFou about nothing and something

For my birthday, my darling daughter, Zoë, treated me to Beauty and the Beast; which, Evermore, remains a tale as old as time. And, as we both anticipated, it was as wonderful as we both imagined it would be. Much more, in spite of the supposed gay agenda being forced upon us as some might want us to believe.

Blink and you’ll miss the subtle moments.

Man, if I was This Modest Mom’s kids, I would be crazy pissed that mommy and daddy canceled our promised Disney World Vacation because LeFou is exploring his feelings and it’s not in Jesus’ name…amen! What a big, fat nontroversy. Really.

Kids, go see this movie. Go see it for the lush music and lyrics that is Ashman and Menken that you grew up with watching and re-watching and singing along to as a child…or as the parents of children who drove you crazy demanding to play it over an over and over again on the VCR. It’s a movie, folks. A love story. A fable. A tale as old as time.