The Daily Hazel

Babies change so much even daily. I swear I come back to work after a couple of days off and some of my patients have grown and changed so much even in that short time. It’s amazing how much we grow in that first year of life. As a grandmom I want to savor every moment because time and experience has shown me that the first year of my children’s lives was nothing but a blur. In the midst of diapers, late night feedings, spit-ups, breastfeeding and all the other baby-related stuff, I missed the daily changes in those moments. Here’s hoping that the Daily Hazel will help me savor those moments…yes, this feature is for my own selfish pleasure; but you can enjoy it too.

The Daily Hazel

4 thoughts on “The Daily Hazel

  1. my cousin just had a baby on 10-5-08 and they named her Hazel Faye- only the most beautiful babies get that name 😉

    • Hi Hazel!
      I am sure that you are indeed a very unique, special individual. My 1st grandbaby, Hazel was named for her great-great grandmother who has always been and continues to be a phenomenal woman and Hazel the Second is pretty much proving that she too is a force to be reckoned with.
      Thank you for your comment!

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